We don’t like to talk but we like to perform

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Only moment we forget the world, just thinking of it.
Only moment we close eyes, to see better heart;

Only moment we enjoy pain, pleasing the mind.
Only moment we like to wait, finishing up not;

Only moment we are cruel, showering of love. …

New improvements in Kernel module Elixir 1.12

This article is all about knowing the two newly added macros then/2 and tap/2 from Kernel module. Here, we cover some real world situations with simple examples where these functions would be useful.

Actually these are macros, point to be noted.

Let’s check when and where to use these functions.

Check out the

Don’t fear to reply anymore.

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In this article, we are talking about two scenarios on how to use reply function in GenServer module explaining with live examples.

The following are the two use cases we are going to cover in this article.

  1. Multi Node Communication via server messages using multi_call
  2. Converting Asynchronous request to Synchronous

What this article isn’t about ?

Let’s unveil

IO Lists and Phoenix rendering Templates

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In this article we are going to see the optimal way to develop a big string from the pieces of strings. We also look into why IO Lists are used for rendering templates in Phoenix and why this is the best approach.

We start with a simple concatenation operation that…

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Better try and fail than being idle.

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While learning to program in Elixir, I discovered some strange things. In this post, I dive into the 5 strange approaches that you may or may not know to expose its underlying mechanisms.

Talk is cheap, here is the code.

1. Compile Time Vs Run Time Struct Pattern Matching — In Different way

We all know that structs can be pattern matched with…

Put the brain on

Change is inevitable but not for Elixir

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This article comprises a simple example with an anonymous function that explains the data immutability in Elixir Programming.

The concept of data immutability is that the data once it is created in a memory location cannot be altered. Immutability must be preserved. …

Win over the

It’s all about the space

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I have been traveling with Elixir for 5 years where I saw many curved roads in my journey to be a slower learner. Then after I started drifting the curves and of course I met with many accidents. I’m still alive.

About the Article it isn’t:-

It is not about the coding and I’m not…

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Puzzle solving using elixir.


Elixir is fun when you find time to play with it.

I have broken into the first three room levels at breakthecode.tech challenges. So, With 6 distinct game rooms, Break The Code will put your logic, knowledge and creativity to the test. It is a set of challenging games with…

Learn about

Charts are the good-looking way of data

Logos are the properties of respective company

In this article, we are going to use Chart.JS, a Node Library in a Phoenix application. I hope you already know how to work with Phoenix.

Here, we try to replicate a company’s progress yearly. We also provide UI for adding year based progress to our database.

The whole process…


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